Frequency of Breathing Air Quality Tests (EN12021)

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The purpose of periodically testing the breathing air quality is to make sure that the control measures in place are delivering the air quality required.

The UK national forward to EN12021 advises that samples should be taken and analysed at least every three months or more frequently if there has been a change in, or concerns relating to, the production process.

In the HSE guideline document Respiratory Equipment at Work (HSG53) it states you should base the frequency of such tests on a risk assessment, but again they should take place at least every three months, and more often when the quality of air cannot be assured to these levels.

The employer has a duty of care to ensure that in addition to the above, the respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is maintained to protect the operator from any risk of hazardous substances.

In addition, Aircheck can supply and fit all the necessary filters and accessories for breathing air requirements.